1. Where is City Hall Located?
    City Hall is located on the corner of Main Street and Milton Street
    217 South Main Street, New Florence, MO 63363

  1. What are the City's hours of operation?
    New Florence City Hall offices are open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding most major holidays.

  1. When are weather sirens tested?
    Early Warning Sirens are tested on the first Monday of each month at 10:00 a.m. For tornados, the siren is a continuous three (3) minute wail. Sirens are not tested during threatening weather.
    Note: When weather conditions warrant the activation of the Early Warning Siren system, an "all clear" will not be given. Residents need to tune into a local radio or TV channel for information. THE SIREN TURNING OFF DOES NOT MEAN IT IS SAFE.

  1. Who are my state representatives?
    To find out who your state representatives are please visit the Missouri State Senate website. Once you enter your zip code or address, you will receive a personalized list of your elected officials.

  1. How do I become more involved with the City?
    The City of New Florence has a number of advisory boards and commissions comprised of volunteers from within the community who serve without compensation. Generally, these boards and commissions make recommendations to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen regarding actions and policies affecting municipal government, City departments, and the community. Citizens who desire to serve on a City board or commission may apply by sending a letter of interest to the City Clerk via email at cityclerk@newflorencemo.com.
    More information about each of the City's boards and commissions can be found on the
    Boards and Commissions webpage.

City Communications

  1. How do I receive the City of New Florence Newsletter?

Code Enforcement/Inspections

  1. How soon can I get an inspection?
    Inspections are usually completed within five (5) business days from the day they are requested. Please call City Hall at (573) 835-2106 to schedule an inspection.

  1. Can trash be put out on the curb?
    Yes, please place trash cans at the curb by 3 a.m. Tuesday morning.

  1. If I receive a violation notice and I corrected the violation what do I do?
    Contact Code Enforcement at (573) 835-2106.

Community Development

  1. Where do I go to get the zoning of my property?
    Please call City Hall at (573) 835-2106.

  1. Who do I contact about Landlord/Tenant issues?
    Landlord/Tenant issues are handled in Circuit Court. For more information, contact the Circuit Court Clerk's office at (573) 564-3341. Their office is located at 211 E. Third Street, Montgomery City, MO 63361.
    Missouri Attorney General Landlord/Tenant Law Book

  1. Where can I recycle in New Florence?
    Currently, the City of New Florence does not offer curbside recycling services. However, there are some other recycling options available to New Florence residents.
    Recycling in New Florence

  1. How do I sign up for trash hauling services in New Florence?
    The City of New Florence contracts with Dayne's Waste Disposal for trash services. Residents are signed up for trash services when they fill out a utility service application. Fees for trash service will be included on your monthly utility bill from the City.
    The City of New Florence does not offer trash services for businesses. Businesses are responsible for retaining their own trash services.

  1. What should I do if I feel I have been discriminated against in finding housing?
    Contact the Missouri Commission on Human Rights


  1. What is the sales tax rate in New Florence?
    The sales tax rate is 8.475 percent. Various agencies rates come together to set the sales tax rate. For more information, please visit the Missouri Department of Revenue website.

  1. What is the property tax rate in New Florence?
    The city's portion of the property tax rate is $0.7379 of every $100 of assessed property value.

  1. What is a franchise fee?
    Franchise taxes or fees are payments received from electric, gas, telephone, and cable providers within the city limits. The payments are made in exchange for each company's use of public right of way to conduct their business in the City. Franchise fees are used to pay for the general operations of the City and help offset the need for property taxes. The City of New Florence charges each of these companies a fee of five percent for use of City right-of-ways. The utility companies have, in turn, received approval from the Missouri Public Service Commission to pass these fees on to their customers.

Human Resources

  1. What benefits do City employees receive?
    City employees receive several benefits. Please visit the Employment page for more details.

  1. Where do I find current job opportunities?
    Please visit the Employment page to view current job opportunities.

  1. How can I find out the status of the position for which I applied?
    You will either be contacted for an interview or receive written notification via email or U.S. Mail. Applications are reviewed by the hiring department after the closing date has expired. Once the position is closed (or at varying intervals for postings without closing dates):

  • The hiring department reviews the applications

  • Candidates are selected to be placed on an interview list

  • The hiring department contacts the interview candidate

  • HR provides written correspondence to applicants that were not selected via email or U.S. Mail

  1. Can a position be applied for which is not currently open?
    No, applications are accepted for open positions only.

  1. Can the application I completed for a specific position be used for multiple positions?
    No, a separate application must be completed for each position for which you apply.

  1. What is the time frame for filling a position after the closing date?
    Reviewing applications and filling a position is at the discretion of the hiring department and varies on each job posting.

Mayor and Board of Aldermen

  1. Who are my Aldermen?
    The City is broken into two wards. Each ward has two elected Aldermen.

  1. When and where are Board meetings?
    The New Florence Board of Aldermen meets at 6:00 p.m. on the second Monday of each month for official Board Meetings for actions on legislation, in the Aldermanic Chambers inside City Hall, 217 South Main Street, New Florence, MO 63363.
    Board of Aldermen Agendas and Minutes

  1. How do I let the Board know what I want them to do about some City legislation or problem?
    You may email the City Clerk at cityclerk@newflorencemo.com and the Mayor or Administrator, or an alderman in your ward, will reach out to you to discuss the issue. The Aldermen are not full time, and do not have individual offices at City Hall, but do respond to messages and take calls at their homes. Any letter addressed to the Aldermen that is received in the City Clerk's Office is copied and distributed to each Alderman. The Aldermen are also accessible before and after each of the Board Meetings.
    If a person feels there is a need to address the Aldermen directly as a body, the Board offers a Visitor's Comments section near the beginning of each Board Meeting. If you wish to address a Public Hearing item on the Board Agenda, you will have an opportunity to speak during the public hearing portion. Otherwise, your presentation will be near the beginning of the Board Meeting during the "Visitor's Comments."
    In order to be properly recognized and to speak during the Visitor's section at the end of the meeting, please complete the
    Speaker Appearance Form.

  1. What is an Executive Session?
    Under the "Sunshine Law" approved by the Missouri State Legislature, there are a limited number of topics the Board of Aldermen may discuss without the presence of citizens or the press. When there is a likelihood that the Board might choose to go into Executive Session, there is a requirement that a posting be made 24 hours before the action is taken to indicate what the subject is, so that anyone curious may determine that the subject is one that meets the State Statute requirements. This posting can be found on the bulletin board outside City Hall.

Municipal Court

  1. Where is the Municipal Court located?
    The Municipal Court is located at 217 South Main Street, New Florence, MO 63363, to the right of City Hall.

  1. Is there a drop box for payments?
    Yes. There is one located outside next the to door to the Municipal Court and another inside City Hall on the wall to the right as soon as you walk in. Please clearly mark on the outside of the envelope that it is for the Municipal Court.

  1. Is there a way to pay for a ticket without appearing in Court?
    Some tickets may be paid without appearing in Court. You must, however, plead and pay the ticket before your court date.
    If the ticket is not paid before your court date and you do not appear in court, a warrant for your arrest may be issued.
    If you miss your first court date, you will be ineligible for plead and pay.

  1. What if I need to change the date of my arraignment or trial?
    If you need to change the date of your arraignment, you may contact the office of the Municipal Court at (573) 835-2186. It is within the Court's discretion to grant delays or continuances from the Court date on most cases. Before granting a continuance, the Court may require written proof of your excuse. Continuances will not be granted the day of court.

  1. What if I do not appear in Court on the date set for my arraignment or trial?
    A warrant may be issued for your arrest.

  1. Do I have the right to be represented by an attorney?
    Yes. You have the right to be represented by an attorney and may hire one at any time. When you first appear in court, you can ask to postpone the hearing one time so you can hire an attorney. However, you are not required to have an attorney represent you. You may represent yourself.

  1. Does the Municipal Court accept online payments?
    Yes, but not all tickets are payable online. To pay online, please visit:

Police - Animal Control Unit

  1. How do I get my animal out of impoundment?
    Animal Control for the City of New Florence is contracted out to S&R Animal Control. If you are missing a dog or cat, please contact S&R to see if your animal has been picked up. You can also contact New Florence City Hall at (573) 835-2106 to inquire if the City has turned your dog over to S&R for safekeeping. Please visit the S&R Facebook page for additional information on their services.

  1. Is there a leash law in New Florence?
    Yes, the leash law can be found in Chapter 205, Section 205.050 of the
    New Florence City Code. Current codes states that:
    It shall be unlawful for the owner of an animal to permit such animal to run at large. For the purpose of this Article, every animal when on any street, alley or any other public place in the City which is not attached to a leash, the other end of which is securely held by a competent person, or when on private property within the City is either not attached to a leash, the other end of which is securely held by a competent person, or which is not so confined as to prevent its straying from the premises shall be deemed running at large; however, an animal bearing an identification tag containing the name and address of its owner and a current City license tag* securely fastened to the collar and about the neck of such animal may remain on the property of its owner without leash or other confinement.
    *City license tags are no longer required per Ordinance No. B1-2019, an Ordinance Repealing Section 205.020, Section 205.030 and Section 205.040 from the Code Book Requiring Licenses for Animals within the City of New Florence

  1. Is there an ordinance regarding barking dogs?
    Yes, the ordinance regarding barking dogs can be found in Chapter 205, Section 205.200 of the
    New Florence City Code. It states:
    No owner shall own, keep or harbor upon his/her premises any dog that by frequent and habitual barking, yelping or howling or by immediate threat of attacking or biting causes fear or annoyance to persons living in the immediate area or to persons passing upon the streets and sidewalks.

Police - Records Unit

  1. Where are you located?
    The Police Department is located behind City Hall at 217 South Main Street. Please use the front door of City Hall and a staff member will assist you.

  1. How do I obtain a copy of my police report?
    Copies of police reports can be requested by mail,
    online, or in person. Police reports are available within five (5) business days. If you are requesting a copy by mail please mail your request along with a Record Request Form to:

City Clerk's Office
PO Box 70
New Florence, MO 63363

Police reports cost $5.00 per report. We accept cash or checks. Checks should be made out to the City of New Florence.

Public Works

  1. Whom do I contact about a streetlight that's not working?
    Residents can contact Ameren directly to report a street light that is not working by calling (800) 552-7583. If the street light is on a state highway, you will need to contact MoDOT using their "Report a Road Concern" webpage.

  1. How do I obtain traffic information?
    Traffic for Highway 19 and Interstate 70 are available from the MoDOT website.

  1. How do I report a down or damaged street sign?
    Down, damaged, or missing street signs should be reported to City Hall. They can be reported by calling City Hall at (573) 835-2106 Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If it is after business hours, please leave a message on the machine.

  1. What is the City's snow removal policy and plan?
    The City's Winter Maintenance Policy and plan can be found here.

  1. Where does my water come from?
    The City of New Florence's water supply comes from two wells located on Adams and Picnic Street. The city also has two elevated storage tanks, located on Franklin Street and Booneslick Road.

  1. Why is my water pressure low?
    Several things can contribute to low water pressure. In many cases the water pressure is not the problem, but the water volume is. This situation is typically the result of old galvanized pipes that are corroded, a valve partially closed, or a pressure regulating device on the house service line that is restricting both pressure and flow.
    The City's distribution system generally operates within a pressure range that does not vary more than 5-10 pounds per square inch (psi). Customers who reside in higher elevations throughout the service area will naturally experience less water pressure than those residing in valley or lower elevations. This is due to the water column height in the water towers is what produces the pressure on the water mains to push the water to the customer.
    Occasionally a water main break or maintenance activities in the are will cause a loss in water pressure.

  1. Why did sewage back up in my house?
    The vast majority of sewer back-ups occur in older sections of the City sewer system that was constructed with clay tile pipe prior to 1975. Clay tile is a very hard material, but is also very brittle. Shifting of the ground over time can cause cracks in the pipe and joints to partially separate allowing tree roots to enter into the sewer main in search of a water source during dry periods. These roots continue to grow and restrict the flow of wastewater in the pipe. They also provide an excellent point for grease to accumulate which eventually blocks the flow.
    Customer service lines that are constructed of clay tiles are the responsibility of the customer.
    It is important for all customers to control what goes into the sewer. Sewers are designed to carry away wasted water and human waste. They are not designed to be garbage disposals.
    Please do not put excessive food waste, greases, rags/towels, or any automotive products down the sewer drains. Flammable materials can cause explosions if gases travel through the sewer pipes to an open floor drain near a pilot light such as the one on your hot water tank or furnace. Keep all drain traps filled with water to prevent sewer gases from entering the residence.
    Another common reason for sewer back-ups is excessive wet weather water entering the sewer system which takes up pipe capacity and backs up customers in lower elevations. While the City is actively working to reduce the amount of ground water that can enter into sewer pipes and manholes, customers must be cognizant of illegal connections made to the sewers that are designed to evacuate foundation and downspout water.
    Sump pumps, foundation drains, and downspout connections are explicitly prohibited by plumbing codes and city ordinance. These sources of water into the sewer mains will only make yours or your neighbors’ situation worse during rain events.

Utility Billing

  1. Where and how can I pay my utility bill?
    Methods of Payment:

Location and Contact Information:

  • New Florence City Hall
    217 South Main Street
    New Florence, MO 63363
    Phone: (573) 835-2106


  • Monday - Friday
    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    Open through lunch

Customers can also make payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our drop box, located to the right of the City Hall door, or through our online payment portal.

  1. I have a question regarding my utility bill. Whom can I contact?
    For questions regarding billing, usage, rate, or other issues, please contact Utility Billing at (573) 835-2106 or visit the Utility Counter in person in City Hall, 217 South Main Street, New Florence, MO 63363.

  1. What is needed to establish new utility service?
    Please visit the Establishing New Utility Service page for information.

  1. Can I check my account balance online?
    No, to check your account balance please call Utility Billing at (573) 835-2106.