Animal Control

Animal Control

Animal Control for the City of New Florence is contracted out to S&R Animal Control. If you are missing a dog or cat, please contact S&R to see if your animal has been picked up. You can also contact New Florence City Hall to inquire if the City has turned your dog over to S&R for safekeeping. Please visit the S&R Facebook page for additional information on their services.

Animal Control Fees & Tickets

Animal Control Fees are collected at the time your pet is released to you. These fees do not included fees incurred by the shelter. Please call S&R directly for the most up-to-date information on their fees.

Proper identification and proof of rabies vaccinations are also required at time of release.

Fees are as follows:

  • $15 for the 1st time any dog, cat or other animal is impounded

  • $25 for the 2nd time such dog, cat or other animal is impounded

  • $50 for each time thereafter such dog, cat or other animal is impounded

*this schedule of fees is to apply to any one (1) calendar year


In addition to the standard fees due at the time of animal release, ticket(s) may be issued for violation of City Ordinance(s).

Ticket(s) may be paid at the Municipal Court, 217 South Main Street, or online.

You may appear in Municipal Court to discuss your case with the Judge on the date of your hearing.



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