Solid Waste Disposal

Residential Disposal

Trash Disposal

Residential trash services for New Florence residents is provided through a private solid waste hauling company, Dayne's Waste Disposal, Inc. The City of New Florence does not offer trash services for businesses. Businesses are responsible for retaining their own trash services.

drop-off recycling

Several recycling centers in the area provide drop-off locations for you to take your recycling. For more information, please contact the recycling center directly.

yard waste

The City's Public Works Department will pickup small piles of brush. When you are ready for a brush pickup, please ensure the brush is piled neatly in the ditch and call (573) 835-2106 to schedule a pickup. Pickups will not be completed unless scheduled.

Section 215.020. Nuisances — Generally.

[Ord. No. B1-2010 §1(34-32), 2-18-2010]

A. In addition to any other act declared by State Statute or ordinance to be a nuisance, the following are declared to be, but shall not be limited to, nuisances affecting health:

15. The burning of garbage, refuse, waste, leaves, straw or other combustible materials in any ash pit, stove or incinerator on or in any street, alley or on any private property except when the burning of garbage, refuse, waste, leaves, straw or other combustible materials is allowed by the City under Section 210.355 of City Code, and consistent with State and local laws and Fire Department regulations.

Section 210.355. Burning Refuse and Rubble.

[CC 2008 §58-2; Code 1984 §64.040; Ord. No. J2-1994 §§1, 3, 6-13-1994]

A. It shall be unlawful for any person to burn any litter, refuse, garbage, rubbish or rubble within the City. It shall be unlawful to burn any leaves or yard waste in any street.


Dayne's Waste Disposal

PO Box 248
Mexico, MO 65265

(573) 492-6195

East Central Missouri Recycling Center

24448 South Highway 47
, MO 63383

636) 456-3473

bulky items

Bulky item pickups are scheduled four (4) times a year. To see upcoming bulk trash pickup dates, please refer to the community calendar.