How to Start a Business in New Florence

Building a Business Plan

Every great business begins with a plan. And while that plan will evolve over time, it is important to have a solid foundation to help guide you through your business development process.

The Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a robust source of information that can help you start, manage, and grow your business. The SBA's Business Plan Tool provides you with a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Naming, Registering, & Organizing Your Business

Naming Your Business

Choosing a business name is an important step in the business planning process. Not only should you pick a name that reflects your brand identity, but you also need to ensure it is properly registered and protected for the long term. Below are a few tips for naming your business:

Register Your New Business Name

Naming your business is an important branding exercise, but if you choose to name your business as anything other than your own personal name then you'll need to register it with the appropriate authorities. This process is known as registering your "Doing Business As" (DBA) name.

Organizing Your Business

Small business owners have the same organizational options as large companies: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, and Corporation. Each of these types of legal organizations had advantages and disadvantages. We encourage you to visit the Small Business Administration website to learn more about these options.

Choosing the Right Location for Your Business

Understanding Zoning Restrictions

Choosing a business location is perhaps the most important decision a small business owner or start up will make, so it requires precise planning and research. New Florence has zoning ordinances and regulations that define how you can use your property to ensure that land is used for the common good of the community. If you are thinking about leasing, buying, or making improvements to property you already own, make sure you understand the zoning restrictions before you commit to anything.

If you are unsure about the specific zoning ordinances that may apply to your business, we encourage you to set up a pre-application meeting with the Community Development Department before entering into any legally-binding contract. This meeting will ensure that the location and zoning is a good fit for your business needs.

Existing Business Location

Most businesses rent or lease their facilities. Generally, the landlord's leasing contract will dictate the terms of lease and control basic operations at that location. Before you sign a rental/lease agreement, you should carefully investigate its terms to make sure the lease meets your business' needs and contact the Community Development Department to check that the area is zoned for the business you plan to conduct.

New Construction

If you are planning on building a new building to better serve your business needs, once you have identified your location, we recommend contacting the Community Development Department before entering into any contract for a pre-application meeting. The meeting provides both the applicant and city staff with the opportunity to review proposed projects and to mitigate any challenges in the project development process without incurring major costs.

City, County, State, & Federal Licensing

City of New Florence

The City of New Florence regulates specific types of businesses to maintain the health, safety, and general welfare of the community.

Business License

Most businesses, regardless of size, are required to have a Business License to do business in New Florence. A business license application ad renewals are also reviewed to track and monitor compliance with sales tax and business personal property registration and collection.

Solicitors & Peddlers

Anyone going door-to-door selling or providing information must have a Solicitors/Peddlers License. 

Liquor License

Businesses wishing to sell liquor in New Florence will need a liquor license from the City of New Florence, Montgomery County, and the State of Missouri along with a valid City of New Florence business license. Due to state regulations, city liquor licenses must be approved by the Board of Aldermen. The liquor license process can take 6 to 8 weeks to complete, so please allow for this in your business planning schedule. 

Montgomery County

Business Personal Property Tax

Businesses are required to register with the Montgomery County Assessor's Office. Once registered, an annual tax bill will be mailed to the address on record.

Restaurant & Food Handling

If your business would like to offer food, please contact the Montgomery County Health Department who is responsible for implementing the policies and procedures of the county's Food Code and issuing Food Handler Permits.

It is best to contact them when you are in the planning stage (before any construction) of your business so your design incorporates all the food permitting requirements you may need to operate. 

State of Missouri

The State of Missouri has established a Missouri Business Portal that acts as a single point of entry for business registration, filings, licenses, and permits for doing business in the State of Missouri. This includes registering with the Department of Revenue and the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations and the Division of Employment Security.

Federal Government

The Small Business Administration can help you register your Federal Identification Number and gain access to other federal licensing requirements.

What's Next?

City of New Florence

Employers are required to report the current number of employees during the annual Business License renewal process. Business Licenses are good for 1 year and expire on the last day of June each year. Businesses are notified by mail in spring to apply for a business license renewal. Failure to receive notification does not relieve you of the responsibility to file renewal.

Montgomery County, Missouri

The Montgomery County Assessor's Office will issue annual Personal Property Tax assessments.

As your business grows, you will need to make sure that your new staff go through the appropriate training and acquire permits for food handlers.

State of Missouri

The Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations serves as a one-stop for employers in the State of Missouri. This includes outlining your responsibilities as an employer.

Federal Government

Social Security or Self Employment Tax Withholding must be withheld from employee's wages or paid by the employee (if self-employed) and remitted to the federal government on a regular basis. More information can be found on the Internal Revenue Service website.

Disaster Planning for Your Business

You've finally achieved your dream. Don't lose it to a power outage, hacker disruption, fire, earthquake or other disasters. If you're not prepared, a disaster could put you and your employees at risk, possibly shutting down your business forever. Find more information on the Small Business Administration website.

Promoting Your Business

The success of your business goes hand in hand with the success of the community you serve. Your time and efforts to develop strong business alliances and serve in the community will help you achieve your goals.

State & Federal Requirements for Businesses

Fictitious Name Registration

Registration of a fictitious name may be made with the Missouri Secretary of State:
State Office Building
615 E. 13th Street
Kansas City, Missouri

You may also call (816) 889-2925 for more information.

Registering an an Employer

Every business employing people is subject to state withholding taxes for those individuals. To obtain information regarding withholding tax, you may call the Missouri Department of Revenue at (816) 889-2944. The office is also located in the State Office Building in Kansas City.

Federal Employer ID Number

Each business employing people is also required to apply for a federal employer identification number. A number may be obtained by calling (512) 462-7843 or you may call (800) 829-1040 for forms or more information.

Missouri Sales Tax Number

If you business will be involved in direct sales of merchandise to the public, you are required by both state and city laws to have a Missouri Sales Tax Number.

You may obtain an application for your Missouri Sales Tax Number at:
Missouri Office Building
615 E. 13th Street
Room 127
Kansas City, Missouri

You may also call (816) 889-2944 for more information.